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I have been in practice as a licensed clinical social worker since 2003, and I have worked in the mental/emotional health field for over 30 years. I gained a wealth of experience with many approaches and techniques in psychotherapy, however, I became disillusioned because of their limited effectiveness. I felt I wasn't able to offer clients paths that lead to a level of renewal that is truly liberating and lasting.

In more recent years, with the increase in our understanding of how the brain works and with advances in neuroscience, there have been corresponding advances in treatment methods to address mental,emotional, behavioral difficulties - and these have been very exciting to me.

I found the greatest promise is in Lisa Schwarz' cutting edge Comprehensive Resource Model of treatment. I am finding more and more that clients are benefitting from this approach that uses what we know of the capabilities of the human brain in a way that more gently yet thoroughly brings about healing from trauma - without the treatment itself being re-traumatizing. The approach seamlessly utilizes resources within the brain, body, and spirit to process, transform, and integrate what is learned so that it is rooted into the fabric of the person. Please visit Lisa's website for detailed information. at . You can also find information about this model on other pages on this site.

If you feel you are still trapped in old ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, and relating that sabotage your success, or joy of living - despite ALL your efforts - there is hope that you can step into and walk in the quality and fullness of life you were meant to experience. Contact me and we can talk about how I might be of help.


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