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I am not on any insurance panels.

There are some insurance companies that will reimburse the subscriber for out of network providers. That means, when you provide me with payment, I will provide you with a billing statement that will contain all the information an insurance company will require from you. You would submit the billing statement to your insurance company and the insurance company would send the reimbursement to you directly. It would be up to you to contact your insurance carrier to find out what their policy is before coming to sessions so we can be clear of what to expect from the beginning.

Payment is out of pocket and due at the time of service, or before the session if paying by credit card. Payment can be by cash, check or credit card.

I try to keep my fee well within the customary charges for the area. If the fee is truly an obstacle for you I am willing to discuss an adjustment to help make it possible for you.

Intake appointment (90 - 100 minutes) : $200.00

60 minute therapy session for individual or couple : $130.00

90 minute therapy session for individual or couple : $195.00


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